New Beginings

over the last week or so many of us have been watching Azaleas that my grandfather planted blooming, and it was likened to them welcoming to the property. The blooms would happen weather I was here or not, but it is a beautiful thing to behold over a rough week of moving and a rough month of cleaning. Most of November was stressful for Lisa (My wife) and myself(Nick) with her finishing the semester at school and me working and cleaning the land.

Lisa packed the entirety of the house we were living in 4/2 with office, formal dining room and 2 car garage, while also dealing with school and our daughter when at home, and her mom. Lisa is an amazing woman and I am glad to be married to her. She also taken a lot of time to help clean the inside of the trailer and move boxes over in one of the cars during many days before we made the biggest push of the move.

I was working my job and taking time to clean up the yard and some of the workshop at the property. Lisa claims I was drinking beer and burning sticks and not much else, but the yard is looking better than it was it will just take some time. In the end though we are working to downsize some of our possessions as the trailer is only a 2/2, but has a workshop and 3 acres to learn how to be sustainable on.

We did it though, sort of, as we are in the new place, but surrounded by boxes of our life. Adapting to new routines and settling in to doing the familiar ones like feeding the rabbits and tending the garden. Setting up our old things like the rain barrel, and collecting pots to plant the recent additions to the garden and porch.

In all it is a great feeling to step on to the porch breath the air and then get to work. I love the start of this chapter.