This is a new adventure that started sometime in August of 2017 as I had let a “Bonsai all the things” phase settle until the move that we had coming up at the end of November. One day my wife asked why I did not grow veggies like Tomatoes and such, so I started looking to see what I would be able to plant and start a first year garden[post link]. Well gardening and some health issues lead her to wanting to become at least 80% sustainable in 5 years, and so began our homestead journey.

Kind of….

The other part of this adventure is that we knew we would be moving to a plot of land that offered us some room and the ability to have a small farm. The land is family land that was at one time my grandfathers and needs a bit of rehab. The entire month of November we were cleaning and moving from a suburban .16 acre lot to the 3.16 we now occupy.

Both wanting to be sustainable and moving with some opportune finds also allowed us to start raising rabbits for meat. Wanting to offset some of the costs we are looking into what options we have to sell rabbits, pelts, and meat to others.

This interesting journey will be documented on this little piece of the internet, so follow along and hopefully get inspired.