The Winter Cyclone

The last few days have been throwing us a curve ball, thou my typical weather of Florida joke is we have summer and January. The cold front coming in I bought some tarps from tractor supply the other evening to wrap my livestock pens that are in pasture. I found two pack tarps that fit my need nicely and was able to wrap the 4 pens I needed to and secured them with zipties.

This held up well to the winds and light rains we were seeing. This morning when I went and checked everything had held through the night, and I though would hold a little longer for the day. I left and went to a coffee shop to work for a few hours for my regular job, and when I got home I did a livestock walk. I immediately find that the tarp on Rogers has blown back and he is soaked. I quickly verify the rest of the critters and grab Rogers tuck him to me and book it to the house.

Entering the door I call to Lisa asking her to bring me towels quickly. We both work to dry him off and find a suitable bin to keep him in while he warmed up and dried out.

This is a push to fix up the other few tractors I would like to build for the rabbits to go in as all others remained dry for the day.