First Year Garden

Before I started my first year vegetable garden I had a phase of bonsai trees and wanting to bonsai other plants. With a move coming in a few months I decided to stop buying plants and wait until after the move. One afternoon Lisa asked if we could grow veggies and when I said yes she told me I could buy more plants. We started with some started veggie plants until we could get seeds to get started.

I am going to pause for a moment and say my grandfather had a garden most of the years I knew him, and him not here to guide me this was and is a lot of trial and error.

We started with some tomatoes, kale, coliflure, and some banana peppers, but we did not stop there. in time we added more tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs all in an effort to see what we could do.

Winter is here and we are starting to harvest from the tomatoes, and looking to what else we can plant and plan for the next things we want to grow.

update before publishing: The winter cyclone my kill my garden and peppers as I just do not have the areas prepped and ready for all the plants to survive. This has been a great leaning experience with my garden and I know the next one will be better.