Declaring War on Furry Tree Rats

When we first started to clean the property the Tangelo fruits were on the cusp of ripeness. Walking back and forth past the tree while working I would grab a fruit off and eat it while working and tending the fire. After the first real cold front the fruit became sweeter, and started missing with bits of peel scattered around the yard. War was declared when I left 6 fruits on the tree one night expecting to harvest the next day. Reaching the tree I looked for the tangelos I was to harvest and only two remained on the tree.
I had threatened to shoot the furry tree rats, but with out a hunting licence I could get in to trouble, so instead we adopted two outdoor kittens. No these are not some indoor from the pound pets, but found through a farm swap group. We looked through a farm group as I needed these cats to be good with both the rabbits and later the chickens we plan to get.
The ad that was posted made full use of the season an the poster gave it Christmas flair which drew Lisa and I in. The kittens were described as elf kittens from Santa,s workshop. I showed Lisa a picture of the three and we settled on getting one of the boys., but after having him home for two days we decided to get his brother, as to give him some companionship. Naming the cats was fun bouncing back and forth between winter / Christmas-y type names and star wars based names. We finally landed on calling the first one Kylo and when we picked up his brother we called him Ren.
We have set up Kylo and Ren on the screened in porch to get them acclimated to the area and to know us and where food is, and until we can get them to the vet. Our goal is to keep the tree rat population in check as to not eat so many of my tangelos next year. Here is to the war on my tree rats.