Shed Pre-delivery Inspection

today 12/11/17 we had the pre-delivery inspection for the new storage shed we are having delivered in the coming week. The company that is doing the sales and transport had some concerns with the knowledge that there was a power line overhanging the delivery area. Looking at the site several times before we went to look and fill out the paperwork I knew I had the slack to push the line up to surpass the peak height of the building.

Inspecting the area I knew I also needed to cut some saplings that are growing out of some partially rotted stumps, and knock down a fire pit that should never have been put into the area. I found glass scattered through the area and thought it good that a shed would keep most of it from being a danger to anyone in the area soon enough.

Now with the pre-delivery done I know what my task list is to getting the area cleaned up over the next week before the shed arrives.