Prepping for the Cold

Last week we experienced the first real cold for the season with temperatures dipping low into the 30’s and touching the edge of freezing. This meant we had to pull in the plants from the garden, as they are all in containers and somewhat easily ┬ámoved. Moving in we placed the containers of the garden on top of the septic drain field as it was out of the way from a lot of the other yard trash that was about. When we knew the temps were going to drop I started to prep the porch.

Starting with covering the rails with various blankets we use for the dogs I was able to block a lot of the cutting wind that was blowing across the porch. after getting all the plants up there and low we took other blankets and covered them. over the course of covering everything a few branches and stems did get snapped, but that is to be expected when things like this happen and there is not a good enclosed space for them to reside. This does make me want to build out a green house for starting plants, and having a good place to keep things warm in the winter when we have freezes and I wish not to migrate plants every few days.

my next goal is to look in to cattle panel tunnels and other ways of building cold frames and such to keep the garden in one place and protected. I think this could also give me some pre-ideas on building out chicken and rabbit tractors at a later date.

Rabbits were a bit easier I just pulled down the tarp to keep the direct wind off of them and then made sure to give them a little extra hay that night. With my does currently housed together I knew they also cuddled up to stay warm.

Thankfully the cold front only lasted a day or two and the lasting cold is passing quickly and each night is warmer still.