Losing Livestock

This is a sad post, as it is about loosing a rabbit due to negligence. Our last day of moving I had help moving the live stock, but before moving them I pulled the pans on Buck and Rogers and cleaned it and left the litter out for the move. When we set up the cages in the new location and I did not check to see if the latch for the litter pan on Bucks cage was locked. Coming home with the last load of boxes and cleaning supplies from the old place I had to dig out the food and feed the rabbits.

Walking out with my flashlight, rabbit pellets, and wife we immediately see the litter pan from Bucks cage on the ground. I shine the light at his cage and he is not there. my first thought is “crap we just lost a rabbit”, but looking behind the workshop we find him. I expect him to bolt as I reach down, but he does not. I expect him to fight my hand as I scruff him, but he does not. I lift him and his foot dangles and flops, and I know his leg is broken. This is where most pets would be taken for care, and this is where I places him in his cage to purge for the night. I lost the rabbit as he was not worth the expense to take to a vet. for that same cost I can replace him with another buck and still have a good breeding program.

Was I sad yes, but I was more mad that I did not check the pan. More so I became more diligent with my live stock immediately and hope that I can keep someone else from making the same mistake.